A Barn Razing

barny-curled-up.jpg“He” and “She” have been working very hard to tear down my old home. The barn where I first lived when I came here is being demolished to make room for a large building which will be know as  a “Men’s Crisis Center”.  It’s really just a big shop/storage building, but he likes the name and wants to have a sign made.  “She” hopes they don’ t get inundated with men looking for a place of respite!

 So far, they’ve removed the sides and torn down the stalls and tack room.  Now they just have to dismatle the tin roof and bring the rafters and poles down.  To be honest, I’m glad I’m in the house where the a/c is nice and cool.  They look pretty miserable when they come in from working.

 Hopefully, we’ll have some pictures to share later.  “She” was going to take some, but was just too tired to make the effort.

The barn was once a livestock barn, but they have a bigger need for waterproof storage and it just wasn’t meeting their needs.  When the new building is done, he’ll also have room for a wood shop and metal shop as well as storage for all his equipment.  There will also be a loft that will serve as storage for seasonal items.  If a need comes up in the future for a livestock barn, they will put one on the property further away from the house.

Other than the razing of the barn, not much has been going on around The House of 9 Lives.  “She” continues to knit, but “He” is biking less because of time constraints and unbelievably high temperatures. 

Hope you are staying safe and cool.


2 thoughts on “A Barn Razing

  1. I like the title. You can really think of some good titles. I don’t have that much imagination when it comes to writing. I have enjoyed reading your entries from the cats so much.


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