A Thankful Citizen

LilahSo, it’s time for another knitting update!  “She” found a great cause to knit for this time.  It’s called “Great Big Hug from a Thankful Citizen“.  “She” discovered it through this post on the knittinghelp.com forum.  It’s all about providing soliders with a little taste of home by knitting them handmade scarves for the winter.  The recipients will be members of the organizer’s son’s unit and also soldiers recovering in the Army hospital in Germany. 

 “She” got right to work and started a scarf when she found out about this worthy project.  The following picture doesn’t do justice to the colorway, but it is shades of blue and brown and is cleverly named “Surf & Turf”. (Click the picture for a larger view).


Initially she started with Martha Stewart’s basic scarf pattern, however, the end result was curling so badly, she frogged it (for you non-knitters, that’s ripped it out – “rip-it, rip-it”) completely and after appealing for help from her all-knowing co-horts at knittinghelp.com, started this pattern.  The result was a nice flat scarf with not a curl in sight.  Now, to get it in the mail to Arizona where it will join the 160+ other scarves that have been received so far, before being sent off to Germany.

This is such a simple gesture for the major contributions these men and women are making for our country, and “She” has been very honored to be able to participate in some small way.

From all the thankful citizens (and kittyzens) at The House of 9 Lives, THANK YOU to the soldiers and families of soldiers who sacrifice so much on our behalf.


2 thoughts on “A Thankful Citizen

  1. This mother is honored to do this for her son’s unit and to have many wonderful people helping her. I took the liberty of sending it on to my son and his captain, (my contact on this project). Thank you!


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