Cat Naps (or Lack Thereof)

jazzwhosyourkitty.jpgThere have been a lot of strange vehicles in and out of our driveway lately.  As Top Cat, it is up to me to keep an eye on these things.  There’s the big silver truck that “He” and “She” bought recently.  It’s back from the shop now and all ready to go.  It has even already been put to work, hauling the 4-wheeler and carrying donations to the local Humane Society. 

hoss-n-bigg.jpg(Click for larger picture)

There have also been some strangers coming to our house. Luckily, so far, they have been cat people, because Casanova has been all over them.  “He” and “She” are going to have some work done, and they have been getting estimates.  “He” has decided on a contractor to build his new “Men’s Crisis Center” as he calls it.  It’s going to be huge and will be a place for him to store his tractor and other equipment, as well as have a space for a workshop, so he can do woordworking and metalwork somewhere better than the back patio.  Of course, before that work can begin, “He” and “She” must demolish the old barn.  It is hard work in 100 degree temperatures, but they just love tearing things up!

They are also considering an addition to the front of the house, and are trying to decide between a sunroom and a conventional add-on.  They are getting estimates on that work, too.  They have done all the work that has been done to the house so far, but are getting burned out and may let someone else have a go at it for this project.  We’ll keep you posted on the progress.  Whatever they decide, our current sunroom will have to be dismantled.  That is really going to inconvenience us cats. I hope they realize the sacrfices we are willing to make for them!  They have promised us, though, that the new room will be bigger and nicer, so I guess we’ll do what we can to be patient.

There may be even more strangers coming to our house soon.  Because they have the new truck, they no longer have a need for the old one.  The local advertisement will come out this week to sell the truck known as “Hardy” (because it was used for hardware store trips, mostly).  It’s a 1978 Chevrolet Custom Deluxe – if you are reading this and are interested, leave a note in the comments and I’ll get “He” or “She” to e-mail you. Here’s what the truck looks like:


I’ll sure be glad when all this activity is over – it’s really hard to get my necessary 12 hour nap each day with all these interruptions!



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