Zee Beeg Schruck

NovaAlert.jpg“He” and “She” have purshased a new schruck.  Zey have zee old schruk steel, but plan to sell eet.  Eet ees a 1978 Chevrolet peek up.  Eet ees all orginal, and ees a good schruck, but eet vas time to get somesing a leetle nicer.  Zee new schruck, which ees not really new, ees a 2001 Ford F150.  Eet ees  beeg because eet ees a 4-wheel drive. 

Ve vould love to share a peeture wiz you, howev-air, ze schruck ees in zee shop.  Eet ees eemportant when you purshase a used vehicle to talk wiz a dealer’s serveece department and ask zem to run a sheck on zee VIN to see if zere are any outstanding recalls.  “He” and “She” learned zees lesson zee hard way.  A few years ago, zey had purshased a used 1998 Chevrolet schruck and were not aware of a recall due to a faulty brake seestem until zey vere in zee schruck and zee brakes failed.  Forshunately, zanks to hees quick zinking, zere was no accideent, but eet vas a close call.  Now, zey know to sheck on zees – and again, zere was an outstanding recall on zee “new” schruck.  Zees one has a potentshul to start a fire – so, zey deed not waste any time getting it to zee shop.

Pleese take zee Casanova’s advice and sheck on your own vehicles for safety’s sake.



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