An Addition to the “Zoo”

sweetflirt.jpgYou won’t believe this – “He” and “She” have brought home another animal! Thank goodness, though, this one won’t come into the house.  I don’t care for it too much.  It’s kind of funny looking and has a fierce growl.  It’s called a Grizzly, but it’s not like any bear I’ve ever heard of.  What’s that? Oh…okay, Jazz just told me this is actually not an animal at all, it’s what they call an ATV.  Jazz says it is a Yamaha 660 and they will be able to use it around the property to do a lot of hard work like gathering firewood and for other projects.

“He” will also have fun riding it through the woods since it is a 4-wheel drive.


I’m just glad to know it won’t be coming in the house. I’m not ready share my living space with any more animals – especially a Grizzly that growls like this one! It’s enough of a zoo around here already!



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