Head ’em Up and Move ’em Out

alleybelle.jpgYesterday, when “He” and “She” arrived home, they found two of the cows in the yard.  The pasture surrounds the house on three sides and the driveway runs up one side, so there is about an acre of “yard” the house sits on.  Since there is a gate at the end of the driveway and the adjoining property on that side is also fenced, they couldn’t roam free, so it wasn’t a disaster.  But, there stood Maybelline and the newest calf in the backyard, looking at them like “what?”.

 It was a simple fix – he opened a small walk-through gate and pulled the car up to help them head in the right direction.  Then, she got out and walked them toward the gate.  They went right in, and the calf found his mama and started nursing right away!  Maybelline seemed happy that she had succeeded in bringing him back.

 “He” found the opening in the fence where the “escapees” came through and fixed it, so maybe there won’t be anymore cows sauntering around in the yard.  But, if they do get out, “He” and “She” can round them back up.  He’ll repair the fence and she’ll herd the cows – heels, skirt, and all.



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