This Little Piggy Went to Market

barny.jpgYesterday while out running errands, “He” and “She” had a unique experience.  While in the parking lot of a local shopping center, “She” spotted a girl holding a pet with a pink harness and leash.  “She” was very surprised when she realized the pet was in fact a pig!  “He” immediately stopped the truck and they jumped out to talk to the girl with the pig. Now, there’s a sentence you don’t say everyday!  Anyway, the little black and white pig’s name is Willby and he is 4 weeks old.  The girl said she had only had him for two weeks.  It was quite an experience – unfortunately, “She” hasn’t yet learned rule one of bloggers: Take Your Camera Everywhere!

Also on yesterday, “He” and “She” visited the local Humane Society to drop off some donations.  While there, they met Dee Dee, a sweet little black dog, and Scarlett, the office kitty, who had a great story of survival.  “She” is not usually allowed inside the shelter, because it is so hard for her to see the various animals that need homes.  “He” and “She” continued to talk all afternoon about “Simon” who was a lilacpoint kitten with blue eyes.  However, they both realize they are in no position to provide a home for any more pets. Whew!  I was glad to know that! It’s plenty crowded here, already.  They have decided they will just do what they can to help support the homeless animals at the shelter.  We here at The House of 9 lives hope our readers also do whatever you can to help support your local shelters.

Hopefully all those animals will have homes soon.  Having a home is a wonderful thing.  Speaking of home, I wonder if Willby said “Wee, wee, wee” all the way home?



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