Knitting for Nanook

LilahWriting.jpgIt’s funny how knitting can sort of take over your thought process.  “She” admitted recently that when she heard the words “Block Party” she immediately pictured a group of people coming together to block thier knitted items.

She has one finished object to show.  An improvised MP3 player cozy that she just “whipped up”.  The cozy is simple, but the button is beautiful!

And, still underway is the the i-cord handle and trim for the green/brown felted bag which she hopes to finish before the colors go out of style!  Once the knitting is all done, she still has to get innerfacing and fabric for the lining, add the grommets and add all the finishing touches.


Plus, she’s begun this cute shawl/stole/wrap from the 50s:


It will be the biggest project she has taken on, yet! She plans to use it at work – she freezes at work.

On the horizon for more knitting is a pattern for wrist warmers.  When she gets all wrapped up in all her handknitted items, she is going to look like Nanook of the North.  In August!… In Alabama!… At her desk!!



2 thoughts on “Knitting for Nanook

  1. Hey I love th bag you made! Everything comes back into fashion eventually, so if you didn’t get if finished in time, you only need to wait a short while before it’ll be all in fashion again.
    As long as it matches what you’re wearing it shouldn’t matter what’s in style.
    The iPod cosy is sweet, I’ve only got an iPod Shuffle, the cosy for that would be tiny. Lol.


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