Return of the Jetta

jazzinshadow.jpg“He” and “She” came home yesterday in a different car.  They had to take the Jetta in for a regular service visit and to have a recall taken care of.

They were taken to work by the dealer’s shuttle service. “He” was to be picked up at work in the afternoon and taken back to the dealer to get the car.  He called the dealer to confirm the car would be ready, and they said it would be, in about an hour.  So, he rode the shuttle to the dealer, only to find they were very far behind for the day and the car would have to stay the night.  Because “He” and “She” live out of town, the dealer arranged for a rental car.  This was a nice service, and completely fair, as they were essentially stranded without their car which they had been led to believe would be ready.

The rental car is a little four-cylinder sedan, and while that might not sound much different than a Jetta Wagon, they are worlds apart.  The Jetta Wagon’s TDI (Turbo Diesel) Engine has more power than you would expect.  The engine is responsive and runs so smoothly that at idle it seems the car is not even running.

The Jetta has a great sound system, even though it is original factory equipment.  The sedan’s radio sounds tinny.  Also missing are remote door locks.  Amazing how spoiled they have become!

They are looking forward to the return of the Jetta, but this car sure beats walking!



One thought on “Return of the Jetta

  1. Lol loved the title of that post. Makes me want to go home sick from work and watch Star Wars 🙂
    I had a bit of a knitting disaster last night lol, tis on the forum and the blog.


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