Strange Bedfellows

sweetflirt.jpgWhen “He” and “She” get ready to go to bed every evening, their goal is to have the bedroom “kitty-free” and close the door, so they can have an uninterrupted night of sleep.  I understand that years ago, when Garfield was here, they never slept alone.  Garfield was a constant companion, and that meant if they went to bed, so did he.  And, he didn’t get up until they did.

Unfortunately, none of us kitties here now are well-behaved enough to share the Master Bedroom with “He” and “She”. We are all nocturnal and think turning out the lights signals playtime.

I like to be where “He” and “She” are, so, as night starts to fall, anytime anyone enters the hall to the bedroom, I go flying at top speed down the hall and into the bedroom and under the bed.  Sometimes they fool me and go into another room, or they just go in, pick something up and leave again.  Whatever…I’m not taking any chances on getting shut out of that bedroom.

The funny thing is, I never get on the bed.  I just lay on the rug, or hide under the bed, but I just have to be behind that door when it closes.  Sometime during the night, “He” usually gets up and I follow him and start “talking”.  That is my undoing. At that point, I usually find myself back in the hall on the other side of that door!

So, if you happen to be at The House of 9 Lives and make a move toward the bedroom, make sure you are steady on your feet and aware of your surroundings, because one little furry, gray creature is going to come streaking by you at the speed of sound, and if you aren’t careful, the wake could knock you over!



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