The Weekend that Wasn’t

kosmolousy.jpgI would like to tell you about all the things that “He” and “She” accomplished this weekend.  About all the space they gained by cleaning out and de-cluttering the storage building, about how they continued to work in the gym and are so far along there will soon be pictures to share, and how she cleaned the house from top to bottom and cooked several full-course meals.

Unfortunately, this blog is based on actual fact, and I’m not a fiction writer.  In reality, it was a fairly lazy weekend for all of us at the House of 9 Lives.  We laid around and watched TV, and didn’t really get much done.  A big screen TV really slows down progress in the house renovating area!

She did accomplish some knitting – a little case for her MP3 player – nothing fancy, just a rectangle with a loop and button, and she continues to work on the green/brown felted bag.  The felting didn’t come out like she had hoped, but she plans to use some stiff interfacing and line the bag.  Right now she is working on the i-cord for the handles and the trim for the purse.  She’s still hopefull it will be usuable in the end!  Oh, and, she did work on her sewing machine and get it running, so when the time comes to make the lining, she won’t have to sew it by hand like she did for the Christmas purse.

So, while there was obviously a weekend, it wasn’t a productive one, and it seems to them like they didn’t have one at all.  I, on the other hand, did log some lap-time, which is always an accomplishment for me.



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