alleybelle.jpg“She” is on a mission.  In an effort to de-clutter, she is first attacking those things which are hardest to part with.  Photos.  Technically, she’s not really parting with them as much as parting them out.  She’s scanning all the hard copy photos onto CDs, then distributing the photos to family members.  Daughter – look out, there are a lot of them coming your way.

 Looking through old photos can bring up all kinds of emotions.  People you’ve known and wish you hadn’t, people you’ve lost and wish you hadn’t, hairdos you’ve had… and wish you hadn’t.  Of course, prevalent in these photos are pictures of cats.  Lots of cats.  Not just their cats, but any cat. Any animal for that matter.  If there was an animal and a camera, a photo was taken.  There’s one of a dog they saw at a service station in El Paso Texas in 1986.  She doesn’t have a clue who the people are with the dog, but she has kept the picture all these years, because the dog was “nice”.  She captioned it “Have a Coke and a Smile”, though the guy was really just giving the dog a drink of water.


It’s funny what people will hang onto.  For instance, collectors.  People collect all types of things.  We even saw a guy on TV once who collected balls of string.  Who would think of that? Around here, they mostly collect yarn, bicycles, and oh yeah, most importantly, CATS!



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