A Bug Story

BlossomFace.jpg“She” wanted a Volkswagen Beetle when they first came out with the New Beetle in 1998.  For the longest time, she pined over them.  They owned a Safari Van (for his business), a Buick Regal, and his “baby” a 1966 Mustang.  When the opportunity to buy a 1973 Beetle came up, she jumped at the chance.  The car was in great condition and was so much fun to tool around in on the weekends.  It didn’t make the greatest daily driver, however, because in the deep south, the lack of air conditioning can be a great deterrent!  Because it was bright yellow, she named it “Buttercup”.

When the Buick pretty much died in 2002, it was her opportunity to indulge that want for a New Beetle.  They found a 2000 Beetle in the required bright yellow color and bought it.  Again, an appropriately cutesy name of “Sunny” was given to the car.  Here’s a picture of the two Beetles together. (Click for complete view)


“She” was thrilled with her two cute little yellow VWs.  But, when the cost of gas started to rise so much, she had to face the decision of replacing the New Beetle.  Their daily commute is 45 miles each way (at least they ride together), and while the Beetle got good gas mileage, they could do better with a diesel engine.  They searched diligently for a reasonably priced Beetle with a diesel engine but could not find one.  Instead, they opted for the Jetta Wagon.  The wagon doesn’t have the charm of the Beetle, but it is very practical.

So, ever since “She” parted with Sunny, she has still wanted another Beetle.  Today, she got a Volkswagen Bug – just not the kind she expected!  When leaving for work, they noticed a large green bug on the top of the car.  Imagine how surprised they were when they parked in the parking deck at work and saw the bug was still on the car! This, after 45 miles at speeds up to, well, I had better not say, but you get it – interstate driving! Wow!  Not only, that, but they got a big laugh when at the end of a 9 hour day, the bug was STILL on the car!  They headed for home and made three stops on the way, at a coffee shop, grocery store, and hardware store.  Still the bug was riding high.  Then, they got home and there it was.  This was a very well-traveled bug! At least 90 miles!  She went straight into the house for the camera.  After the pictures were taken, amazingly, the bug jumped from the car.  I guess he knew his day was done!  We don’t know what kind of bug it was, but here is the best picture we could get:


I think it is a VW Bug!



2 thoughts on “A Bug Story

  1. I live in Mexico, the exact same thing happened to me with the exact same bug. It drove home with me, spent the night on my car, and rode all the way to work with me! Down here we call it a “rain bird” because when the rainy season starts, they make the loudest noises that sound almost like a bird. This is amazing!


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