Knitting Knirvana

LilahWriting.jpgHello everyone! Lilah here with a knitting update.  The Hokie Healing squares have been sewn into blankets for the families of the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy.  For photos of some of the completed blankets, visit Mosaic Yarn Shop’s website.  The blankets look great and they are a testament to the willingness of people all over the country (and the world) to join in for a good cause. 

On the local knitting front, here are pictures of the most recent finished objects here at “The House of 9 Lives”.  The first is a lightweight scarf that was done using leftover yarn from two other projects.  It was a free-form expression that “She” experimented with and it turned out pretty cute.  She will make a gift of it to our special visitor today.


Another project completed is this cute little purse for Christmas-time use.  It was made from wool and felted before she added the fun fur trim.  She’s pleased with the results.  She has been wanting a purse of this style for a while and intended to make one from velvet and maribou, but when “She” learned to knit, she knew she had to give this a try!


Still on the needles is the green/brown purse mentioned before.  It’s taking a while to do, and she is hopeful it will turn out well.

That’s all there is to report on knitting here at THO9L…check back later for more knitting progress.



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