Take Your Dog to Work Day

NovaAlert.jpgTell me, deed you know last Frriday, June 22nd was “Take Zee Dog to Vork Day“?  Neezer did Zee Grreat Casanova.  Howev-air, ve at Zee House of 9 Lives vould like to take thees oppoor-tunity to make you aware of zees great occassi-on and encouraje you to make zee eff-ort to commemo-rrate it nest year, on Frriday, June 20, 2008!

“Vhy”, you may ask, “is Casanova interested een dogs going to vork?” I vill tell you – Casanova speaks for all of zee cats zrough-out zee land who are annoyed or harrassed by zee family dog.  Go ahead, take zee dog to vork, zee cat begs you!



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