Now You’re Cooking with … Electricity

sweetflirt.jpgA very nice stove with all the necessary bells and whistles, as well as the nicest most expensive cookware they could afford, and a convenient, comfortable, well-appointed modern kitchen, and yet, they still have Honey Nut Cheerios for supper most nights.  What does it take to get these people to cook?


Apparently, an electric grill.  “He” and “She” ordered a sporty little red George Foreman Grill which arrived Monday.  It was packed in two boxes, which in my opinion was the very best part, we have really enjoyed the boxes…but oh, back to the subject… So, as the only food they had in the house on Monday evening to cook was bacon and eggs, they gave the grill a try, and were very impressed with its performance.  “She” said the best part was the lack of grease splatter and the easy clean-up.  “He” said the best part was the bacon and eggs.

Yesterday, they made a trip to their favorite grocery store and stocked up on a few things to go on the grill over the next few days.  Nothing exotic, but still, the kind of things they can consider a “home cooked meal”.  Last night “She” made Monte Cristo Sandwiches and I think they were both amazed at how quick, easy and tasty they were.

We like it when “She” cooks because we know where the treats are in the kitchen and we will hang around in that area (and, we make quite the little crowd) until “He” feels sorry for us and gives us all treats.  I’ve learned to be quick so that Blossom doesn’t vacuum up mine along with hers. 

So, in the long run, cooking at The House of 9 Lives is a win-win situation for everyone!!



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