Welcome to the Hotel California…

alleypeeking.jpg Hopefully no one will get trapped at our house today.  You see, last year, we had to put up a security gate at our place.  Some crackhead (literal use of the word here) decided they would come up and help themselves to some things.  Also, they seem to have tried pretty hard to get into the house, but I think when they saw it was full of attack cats, they got spooked and left! But, I digress.  Due to the unfortunate thievery incident, “He” and “She” had to put up a gate.  We live fairly far off the road, so while it might not completely prevent someone from climbing the fence and walking in, it will make it more inconvenient.

They started the process by buying some steel and “He” got a new welding machine.  “He” is always willing to attempt projects that require new toys.  After designing and building the gate, they ordered the opening mechanism and some other hardware and spent one very hot Saturday last Summer installing the new gate.  It looks pretty good.


When more work is completed on the house, the entry will get spruced up a little more with some landscaping and so forth.  There is a key pad at the gate for entry with a code, and on the inside, an exit wand to open it automatically when a car drives up to it to leave.  It’s a great convenience and gives us all a sense of security.

Today,  however, there is one small problem with our gate.  The exit wand isn’t working – this means if someone comes to the house for a delivery, or to tend to the cows, they won’t be able to leave! “He” and “She” plan to fix it this weekend. 

In the meantime, I guess our gate is like the night man in the song Hotel California, it’s “programmed to receive”.



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