Where’d You Get Those Peepers?

blossomeyesclosed.jpgToday, “He” and “She” got a late start to their day because “He” had a routine doctor’s appointment, and “She” had to be home for the return of the dishwasher repairman.  Both appointments went well.  The diswasher is totally operable again, and there were no surprises for him at the doctor’s office.

“She” also took the opportunity to work with some new software they’ve purchased to help plan the new additions to the house.  I think she is pleased with it overall, but still has a lot to learn.

Daughter called to report on her interview this morning for a promotion.  “He” and “She” are proud, it sounds like Daughter handled the interview very well – hopefully she will have a positive answer by the beginning of next week. This will be a great opportunity for her as she begins her professional career path.

About the only other exciting thing going on around here is that “He” might be getting some sunglasses.  I know that doesn’t sound exciting to most people, but having worn glasses since he was 17 months old, and never having had a pair of Rx shades, to him it really is a big deal!  They will be a big help when he is cycling, as well as for general use.  He has a condition known as photophobia, which is actually a severe sensitivity to light.  He even has a doctor’s excuse so he can wear a ball cap at his desk to help shade his eyes from the harsh flourescent lights. (Yes, his boss at the time required the note from the doctor).

“Photophobia” doesn’t sound like what it is.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to call it “photophobia” when your eyes are closed in a picture? That sounds about right to me!



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