Powertools are Man’s Best Friend

barny.jpgI’m not usually so talkative, but because it is Father’s Day, and “He” has been such a good father to all of us, I want to honor him with a good post.  It’s been said that “Dog is Man’s best friend”, and that “Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend”.  Around here, we don’t have a dog, and diamonds aren’t too plenitful, either.  With all the work that’s been done and is being done on the house, a more appropriate adage would be “Powertools are Man’s best friend”. 

Today all around the country, fathers are unwrapping gifts of power tools.  They have to be the most popular of all Father’s Day gifts.  Buying a man a powertool is akin to buying a little boy a toy.  They have a lot of similarities.  The tool will keep him busy for hours,  it has a potential of breaking, and if he’s not careful, he could get hurt! 

All jokes aside, a tool in this house sees its fair share of use.  But, more often than not, “He” is using them to repair or create something to make someone else happy.

In celebration of Father’s Day, “He” and “She” met Daughter and Grandsons 1 and 2 at a Mexican Restaurant for a good meal and even better conversation.  Daughter is applying for a job promotion, so, best of luck to her!   

To all the men around the country who are responsible, caring, attentive Dads, Happy Father’s Day!


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