Fiber is Good for You!

LilahLilah here, with a knitting update! There has been a lot of fiber activity in the house lately!  “She” has completed a scarf, and the Sophie purse.  We don’t have a picture of the scarf yet,  but here is a picture of the purse. 


“She” didn’t care for the handle as the pattern was written, so she just did a plain flat strap.  She has also added a cute little felted orange flower with a beautiful old button she’s had for years. It’s a great little bag that looks good with Jeans, and it turned out well for our first felted project.  She also started a fun bag for Christmas time, (we’ll give you details on that one later).  In addition, she has cast on for this bag, in green and brown with a few little modifications.  She splurged on a lavish trim from Moda Dea.  She has high hopes for it to turn out well!

Also on the knitting front, she has learned to wind a center-pull ball.  Working from the skeins has been doable, but after finding out this is so easy, she’ll probably wind everything from now on! Besides, it’s fun for her, and espcially fun for me!  If you would like to learn how, you can search the internet with the term “center pull ball”, and you will find a lot of tutorials.  There seem to be several methods, so try them out and see which one works best for you!

On another subject, today is Flag Day!  There’s an interesting site here with a lot of information on the history of our flag as well as other information.  Did you know Flag Day was originally started by a school teacher in Fredonia, Wisconsin? Neither did we!  Our Nation’s Flag is more than a symbol here in the United States, it is a testament to the fortitude, bravery and courage of each and every American who can still celebrate his or her independence from opression, and a banner to honor every individual who has and continues to fight for that right.

Long may she wave!


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