Only God Can Make a Tree

NovaAlert.jpg“He” and “She” have been working hard outside to clean up zee mess left behind when zee trees were treemmed and cut down.  Zee only trees cut down were deeseased and dying.  Because zay were close to zee house, eet was necessary for zee sake of safety.

Now zay weel plant new trees to take the place of zose zat once stood (plus some).  Because of zee beautiful foli-age, zay are conseedering Maple trees and have narrowed zee choices to zee Red Maple and zee Sug-air Maple.  Zese weell certainly add colour and beauty to zee yard.

Zee poet Joyce Keel-mair once wrote “I zeek zat I shall nev-air see a poem as lovley as a tree”.  Mr. Keel-mair concluded hees poem wiz “Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree”.

You can learn more about Alfred Joyce Kil-mair here, which also includes zee full text of zee poem “Trees”.

Zee next opportunity you get, take a moment to appreziate a tree as a zing of beauty.


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