Miscellaneous Musings

dsc01771.jpgWell, the dishwasher is not yet fixed.  The repairman will have to order a part, but the good news is “He” and “She” can use it in the meantime.  Oh, the exciting life we lead here at The House of 9 Lives!

Work on the yard continues.  There are still a lot of limbs to be cleaned up, then all the dirt that was churned up by the stump grinder has to be addressed. This will not be a quick job, and after all the hard work they are doing, they will still be left with a mess, until dirt and sod are brought in.  I’ll be glad when they get done with all that work outside and come back inside.  When they are outside working, I just sit at the nearest door or window and call out to them, but they never do what I’m asking.  I just want them to come inside and sit down where it’s cool with a nice glass of tea, so I can curl up in a lap!

They are making some progress on the new home gym they’ve been working on.  The plan to build an entertainment center for one wall to house the television and components is on hold until everything has arrived, so it will all be custom fitted.  In addition to the television, DVD player, sattelite tuner, and speakers, the plan is to include an area for a small refrigerator for bottled water and plenty of storage for other items in the room.  “She” wants a contemporary look and plans to include frosted glass, dark stain, and brushed stainless hardware.

The room will be painted a soft blue, and the complimentary colors will be shades of brown.  They really like this rug, but haven’t decided for sure, yet.

 All in all, it should be a great place for them to exercise and hang out. That’s fine with me, at least it will keep them in the house and I can hang out with them!



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