If a Tree Falls in the Forest…

dsc01772.jpgDude, things have totally been busy here at The House of 9 Lives the last few days.  There’s been knitting – the result a teeny but usable and cute felted purse – more on that later!  And there’s been the felling of trees.  And tree limbs.  And a lot of work by “He” and She” to get it all cleaned up.

Around the house, there are like a zillion pine trees.  A couple of them were dead and dying, and because they are so close to the house and 60-70 feet tall, they had to go.  So, Mr. Fred from Stump Jumpers came in and took care of them.  While he was here, “He” also had him trim the canopy of the other trees by limbing them up 25 feet or so.  Now the yard looks like a war zone.  Like, there are limbs down everywhere and where the tree stumps were ground, it looks like little land mines went off!  Also, a lot of privacy from the road was lost.  You can now see straight up to the house, where before it was partially hidden.  Here’s a picture of Mr. Fred in action in his tall bucket thing.  This is  the side yard to the left of the house.


“He” and “She” plan to do some landscaping and to plant some new trees.  Maybe those really pretty maples that turn all those awesome colors in the Fall.  That will help the house to not look so bare.  “She” is also very anxious to do some work to the outside of the house now.  The sunroom that we love so much will be replaced, and the whole house will get an update with a mortar wash and new roof.  It’s going to be radical when it’s done – but it’s totally grody now!!

The good thing is, I know a little more about an age old philospical question.  If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, it’s still scary for a cat to watch!



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