Sometime She Sits and Tinks

boomer-bored.jpgTink – v. to knit backwards.  Literally k-n-i-t backwards, t-i-n-k.

Yesterday “She” started her newest knitting project.  “She” is attempting to make a purse, using the “Sophie” pattern from Magnits.  There are some new techniques involved which she has never done before, including felting.  We are all anxious to see how this thing turns out.  She got off to a pretty good start, by knitting the rectangular bottom.  Then, the tricky part was picking up stitches all around to start knitting in the round.  She has picked up stitches before on a small scale when making socks.  This however, proved to be a little more difficult at first and she somehow turned the knitting, not once, but twice and was knitting first on the inside, then, the outside, then the inside again.  What a mess!  However, after a couple minutes of “tinking”, she got back down to the rectangle and began again.  She is now 5 rows into 54 rows of knitting in the round. Whew! She has a long way to go.

 Her plan is to complete the purse, with a modification to the strap design, then, make a lining.  “She” is very experienced at sewing, so that shouldn’t be the hardest part. 

This morning, “He” and “She” visited their favorite thrift/antique store and had fun with all the nostalgia.  They didn’t bring anything home, though.  Then, they just played lazy most of the day, knitting, watching tv, and, oh yeah – “He” added new computers to their bikes to keep up with mileage, speed, time, etc.  They’ll probably give those a spin tomorrow.  Maybe there will be great distances to report about, then.

Between the knitting and the cycling, they are really moving along!



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