Sock it to Me!

dsc01845.jpg“She” finished knitting her first pair of socks! It was a really big deal for the two of us.  Just between you and me, they aren’t going to win any awards or anything, but they really are socks!



The yarn is really pretty, and they are the kind of thick socks that “She” will pad around the house in all winter when her feet stay so cold.  It was fun to help her with the socks. I liked all the double pointed needle action. There were usually four of them going at one time! I tried to catch them while she was working, but she managed to knit on without my help.

You know, they say that knitting is really good for reducing stress.  I know when we are knitting, it helps me out a lot!  After a while of helping, I usually just conk right out and take a nap.  Knitting has even been compared to Yoga for its relaxation properties.  I guess with Yoga, there are other benefits like increased flexibility and weight loss, but I ask you, would you end up with a cool pair of socks after a few hours of yoga?

I don’t think so!!


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