That’s Entertainment

We are waiting for customers.  No, we haven’t started an on-line retail business.  “Customers” is what we call the various birds, squirrels and chipmunks who visit our feeders and birdbaths. 

Since Sunday, the feeders have been stocked to the rim and not a single creature has come by for a nibble.  “He” and “She” like to take care of the woodland creatures.  We have regular visitors of all types including deer, possums and raccoons.  

A couple of the cats that live here were only brought inside because of their hunting prowress.  They could not grasp that “He” and “She” do not think birds and chipmunks make great presents.

Since we are all inside now, the wildlife is safe.  They are all just actors on our favorite “Kitty TV” shows.  Some of our favorite shows on Kitty TV are Buffy the Moth Slayer, 24 (Hours in a Day to Sleep), and Desperate Housecats.  Of course, there are even commercials on Kitty TV.  We especially like the insurance commercials. Not the ones with the Cavemen, but the ones with the lizard. Dee-lish!

I’m even going to go on a new reality show.  Yep, I’m going to be trying out on the very next season of American Idle.


Wish me luck!


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