“He” is a feex-air of teengs.  Plumbing, electrical, carpentry, the leest goes on and on. Howev-air because “He” is a feex-air of teengs, and is weeling to try to fix almost any-teeng, eet sometimes does not end well.  Therefore, “He” and “She” weel be spending some time thees week waiting for the repairman to feex the deesh-wash-air.  “He” made a valiant effort, howev-air thees job calls for a professio-nale.

I am a feex-air of teengs as well. I am quite the handy-cat, I can feex a broken heart with seemply a look, or a nuzzle.  Eet ees just what I do. For, I am Casanova, great lov-air of the ages.



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