All Tracked Up

“He” and “She” got done with their tiling project today.  Tiling sure looks like hard work, but they work well together and today they were done by lunch-time.  Now, I have observed carefully how laying tile is done, and before they lay the tile, they spread this stuff on the floor they call mastic.  It looks kind of like pancake batter, but is dark gray.  Then, they spread it all around with a little tool that makes ridges in it. For some reason, they are not too thrilled when I run through the mastic and track it all through the house.  It’s so much fun, I don’t even mind that it gets all over my feet.


 They still have to finish the tile by applying the grout and installing baseboards.  I don’t enjoy putting in the baseboards so much, especially when they use the noisy saw and the nailer with the loud air compressor, so I’ll probably keep a low profile for that task, especially since there isn’t anything I can track all over the house.

Tomorrow is a Holiday for the observance of Memorial Day.  Because there is still so much to be done, both on the inside and the outside of the house, they plan to do some work outside.  We don’t mind, though, at least they won’t be in here distracting us from our usual schedule of nap, roll over, nap some more.

Flirt was here!  sweetflirt.jpg


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