All Squared Away

alleybelle.jpg  Hey y’all!  Lilah said I could write today’s post, even though it is about knitting, and she likes to hog the knitting posts. Yay, knitting! Yarn! Yarn is a wonderful thing!

“She” is done with her squares for the Hokie Healing Project.  Mosaic Yarn Shop in Blacksburg Virginia is collecting 8″x8″ knitted or crocheted squares to be sewn into blankets for the victims’ families of the Virginia Tech shootings. 

Because “She” is still relatively new to knitting and doesn’t move that fast, she was only able to complete 4 squares for the project.   You can see them below (click the picture for a larger view). 


It’s amazing to think these little squares will come together with squares from all over the country to bring comfort to someone in need.  Each stitch contains lots of hugs – I hope the recipient will feel that!

So, off they go in the mail today – have a good trip woolly little squares – go do your job, and give warmth and comfort to a soul who needs it.



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