U.F.O. Sighting

dsc01845.jpgAll the other cats here have just laid around and slept all day.  So, since no one else had anything to write about, I’m going to give you a knitting update.  Knitting on the squares for the Hokie Healing project continues, though “She” is pretty much only knitting during the morning commute.  Don’t worry, it’s not dangerous.  “He” does the driving!

Two completed projects I can tell you about are scarves.  The first scarf shown below is one that “She” knitted for her Aunt Cille’s 100th Birthday.  Amazing! (The birthday, not the scarf).  Anyway, she used this fun confetti yarn held together with a hot pink to get the effect you see.  Every girl should have a hot pink scarf, even a 100 year old girl! (You can click any picture on this page for a larger view).


Another scarf “She” made was this cute keyhole scarf that was done with a fun fuzzy yarn that our friend T.J. bought for 50 cents a skein! T.J. was suprised when “She” returned some of it to her looking like this:


A project that has not been finished (U.F.O., Unfinished Object) is her first pair of socks.  She is using an acrylic yarn in worsted weight and following Silver’s Sock Class.  The picture below shows the first sock in progress (along with a wonderful Blanco Mocha Latte “He” made for her).  Since then, the first sock has been completed and actually looks like a sock!  The second sock has been begun and the cuff is done. However, it has stalled out.  “She” will finish the sock eventually, however, the latte didn’t last long.  It was finished right away!


“She” is notorious for starting things and not finishing them, or learning a new skill, then becoming bored with it and wanting to move on to the next thing.  She is trying not to do this with knitting! So far, she is still excited about each new project and hasn’t decided to give up on it yet!  I guess we cats are lucky, she hasn’t decided to give up on us, either!

Thanks for checking in with us,


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