Fitness is Fun

jazzworkout.jpgToday is National Employee Health and Fitness Day, and “He” and “She” are taking part by participating at work in a one mile walk, downtown.  It’s a great opportunity to encourage people to get up and move.  You can see from my picture that I am a strong advocate for exercise. That’s me working out on the treadmill.  We also have a weight bench that I use regularly and a stationary recumbent bicycle that is quite comfortable.  I am not at all intimidated by high-tech exercise equipment.  Who says all cats do is sleep all day?

“He” and “She” are still working on house renovations, and their current project is combining two unused bedrooms to create a home gym.  The progress is going slowly because this time of year, it’s more inviting for them to go outside and work than stay in the house.  In the gym, they’ve removed the separating wall of the original two rooms, combined the doorways which will now be double wide for a french door, patched the sheet-rock, and made progress on the ceiling.  The ceiling is going to be awesome.  They have used oak panels to cover the original popcorn finish and are trimming them out with molding.  The look of this room will be more Contemporary than other parts of the house.  She has coined the phrase “Contemporary Farmhouse” for the decor of the house, so it all works!

Even though the gym is still in progress, with all the work they are doing, they are getting some great workouts in there! 


The picture above (click for a larger view) is the design of the t-shirts promoting National Employee Health and Fitness Day 2007.  If you would like more information on becoming more physically active, click here.

Take it from me, fitness is fun!


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