Pepe Le Pew is a Stalker!

dsc01296.jpg   What ees weeth zees Pepe Le Pew charact-air?  Why does he prey on eennocent females? Especially eennocent Feline Females? Does he not know he ees not a cat?  Does he possess zee grand masculeen feline features of moi? I think not!

Zees wild an-i-mall has forced heemself on unsuspecting felines for years. Rebuttals to hees unwanted advances have done leettle to curb hees enthusiasm for zee fairer sex of my species.

Does he theenk he can compete with zee likes of zee great Casanova? He is disilluioned.  Casanova knows zee secrets to win a woman’s heart.  Eet ees not by being pushy and demanding, but by being sensiteeve and compassionate.  One cannot smother zee object of one’s affection, but should seemply “be there” for her.  Zees Pepe charact-air ees not zee great lov-air he eemagines heemself to be, but ees leettle more than a stalk-air and molest-air of eennocents.  I eemplor each of you ceevic minded read-airs to boycott zee Pepe Le Pew and call for a new seembol of Love – Moi! Zee great Casanova!

Purrrrrrrr.  Allow me now to curl up een your lap, so you weel know what true love ees!


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