“M” is for the Mouse That’s in Her Shoe

barny-boomercuddle.jpg  I’m lucky enough to be able to cuddle with my Mama, so Jazz wanted me to write today’s post.  This is a picture of me (that’s me on the right) snuggled up and napping with Barny, she’s my Mama. It’s so special to still be able to do this. I was born in the barn with my 5 little littermates, and they were all adopted to great homes, but I got to live with my Mama.


I have no idea which one is me. I think I’m on the far right on the bottom. Mama’s not sure, either, but that’s the way it is with sibling pictures sometimes.

Today, be sure to let your Mother (or, someone who has been a Mother-figure to you) know how much she means to you. If possible, spend time with her – that’s the most meaningful present you can give.

Because “She” is a mother figure to all of us, we chipped in and put a present in her shoe. I know she will be excited to get it.  Kosmo thought a chipmunk was a better choice, but we knew she wouldn’t like that at all, so this toy mouse was chosen.


I bet she’ll be surprised!


One thought on ““M” is for the Mouse That’s in Her Shoe

  1. Awww….Boomer looks like my Freckles from long ago. I had a dog named Barney….we found him in the barn when I was a little girl. Oh how creative!


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