Lyons and Tigers, but no Bears, Right?

dsc01772.jpgWow! So many things to talk about today! Like, first of all, I think you should all know I saw Nova totally give Flirt a kiss! It was subtle, but I didn’t miss it! I suppose they somehow thought they were alone and didn’t see me, you know, hiding under the ottoman.  I was sure you would all like to know about that! I, personally, thought it was grody.

Also, today was the first time that “He” and “She” have attended one of Grandson One’s little league games. “He” like, really, biked there. His trek started at 7 a.m. and on his Bianchi Giro he made the ride in 3 hours.  “She” was supposed to meet him there in the car.  He rode the bike and she drove the car – she was like 30 minutes late. Fer sure, He and Daugter will get a lot of mileage out of that one!

I hear the game was, like, totally exciting. Grandson One’s team, the Tigers, beat the Lyons 4 to 2 when the game was called for time in the 5th inning.  Grandson One made a great hit during the game and totally defended his position in right field.  The team is coached by these totally awesome guys who are like all positive and encouraging with the kids.  Here are some cool pictures from the day.


Because tomorrow is Mother’s Day, “She” and “Daughter” exchanged gifts at the field.  Sweet! 

Ok, like, I have to see what everyone is up to. I think they have a surprise for “She” for tomorrow. And, trust me, they are totally not making a decision without me. As if!



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