Cats Like to Think IN the Box!

dsc01780.jpg If you have read all the posts, you’ve now met all the cats who live at The House of 9 Lives.  I’ve had to encourage beg some cats to participate (Barny, you know who you are).  We each have distinct personalities and likes and dislikes.  Some of us demand more attention than others.  But, one thing we all have in common is we love a box! If there is a box in the house, at some point in time, each of us will have spent some time sitting/sleeping/playing in it.  In the case of boxes and cats, size really doesn’t matter, either.  Big enough box, or not, we will squeeze in.  It also doesn’t matter if said box is currently a repository for other things.  Cats and boxes are such a phenomenon, there is even a website dedicated to photos of cats in boxes! Visit and you will see what I mean! So, while you are in your bored meetings being encouraged to “think outside the box”, rest assured, somewhere, we have a cat on the job who is thinking in the box.

While I was in the box, it occured to me that I owe a big “thanks” to everyone who has visited, and continues to visit The House of 9 Lives, regularly! We know you are all out there! Our page hit counter keeps going up and up!  If you don’t mind, when you visit, leave us a comment! We would love to get some feedback. Just a little scratch under the chin or behind the ears! Some of us even like to have our bellies rubbed! But, don’t try that with Barny! You’ve been warned!

 Come on…leave a comment…share the love!


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