Bless her Heart…

alleybelle.jpg  It is such a pleasure to be here writing on the blog. I’m Alley Belle. I used to be known as Alley Cat, but when it was discovered that I am the epitome of southern femininity, I became known as Alley Belle.  I am a real sweetheart.  Really. I am. Everyone says so.  Some are surprised when they find that Blossom and I are twins. We are so different.  She can be self-centered and, well, a little aggressive at times. And, she is a huge gossip! Let’s just say you should never tell Blossom any secrets! Bless her heart.

In the South, we use the term “Bless his/her heart” in a unique way.  While it sounds positive, it can serve to take the sting out of an insult, either veiled or obvious.  For example, I might say about Lilah “She’s pretty light on her feet for a big girl, bless her heart“. See? Not catty (pun intended), it completely takes out the sting, just like Bactine.

Of course, most Southern Ladies are honest and forthright, so that usually means we wouldn’t say anything behind a person’s back that we wouldn’t say to their face.  For example, “You have lost a ton of weight! Bless your heart!” Now, granted, when said to someone else it might sound more like, “She used to be such a cow!”.  You get the picture.

Now, let’s talk about Southern Ingenuity.  When “He” and “She” were renovating the guest bath, they hit a snag one afternoon after all the local hardware stores had closed.  While replacing the exhaust vent in the ceiling, they discovered they needed a reducer to connect the new fan to the existing duct work.  Not wanting to drive 35-40 minutes for such a small purchase, they improvised. And, what do you know, a cottage cheese container fit perfectly! Cut out the bottom, add a little duct tape, and it worked like a charm.  It’s been a few years now, and no problems. And, notice the brand on the container (click the picture to enlarge). Southern Home. Why bless their hearts!


Y’all take care!


One thought on “Bless her Heart…

  1. And aren’t you the prettiest little Cali?! You have a lovely site here – you and all of your housemates! Kitty kisses from the gang at Lucky and Charmed’s house – Emmett, Oscar, Toby, Wyatt, Egbert and Mina (whose Calico roots are of a more Chicagoan “road rage” variety.)


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