Love is Blind, and so is “She”


Look eento my eyes. You are powerlez before my love gaze. I am zee great Cazanova. So named because I am a lov-air, not a fight-air. Even zough I arrived as a beeg tom-cat, eet was evideent I was being beat up on a regular basees.  When “He” and “She” realized how loving and affectionate I am, zee name just came nashruly. And I have more than leeved up to eet.

I am zee newest memb-air of zee household, but I have been accepted by my fellow felines as well as the human occupants here. I am a marathon sleep-air, a champion mous-air (toy mice only) and a cat wiz a loving heart and a vague European accent.

Zee eyes are zee windows to zee soul, and speaking of zee eyes, why eez eet zat zee eyes get old so fast?  “She” haz been wearing zee contacts for deestance for quite a while. Now, eef she eez wearing zee contacts to see far away, she can not see anyzing up close!  She must wear zee leetle old lady reading glazzez.  Wizout zee contacts, she sees fine up close, but must wear zee prescription glazzez for deestance.

Poor old girl. I am zo glad my vizion eez pear-fect.  Zo much zee better to stare into your soul!

Until we meet again,


One thought on “Love is Blind, and so is “She”

  1. This is so totally cute!!! The perspective from the Cats point of view – very informative and very smart Kitties! Z Casanova has beaUtiful eyes, the name fits right in.
    I see that they are very happy living with She and He and do not run away from home. Why would they? Lovely place to live, wonderful big place, and, they people are well trained!



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