The Lap of Luxury

dsc01771.jpgIt’s about time they let me at this thing! I’m the most talkative cat around here, so I probably have the most to say.  Every day when “He” and “She” get home from work, I’m the first one to greet them, talking incessantly to let them know I’m not happy they dare leave here and stay gone all day long. Also, I don’t think their day is complete until I have sufficiently covered them with a fine layer of gray tabby hair. Hey, it’s my job, and I take pride in my work!  Then, I follow them around until someone sits down to hold me.

This morning, “He” and “She” got on their bicycles and left. They weren’t gone that long, and when they came in, “She” was complaining because she thought the route they had taken was 10 miles, but she found out today that it was actually only 6.25 miles.  Then, he left the house again and went an additional 15 miles.  Not his usual distance, but a  very hilly route.

I guess it’s good they do that kind of thing – it’s supposed to be good for their health. My only concern is that they get back to the house so I’ll have a nice comfy lap to curl up in.  That’s what I’m all about. I’m a lap cat, and Iknow I was lucky to get in this house. When I showed up they already had seven cats, but I had an injury on my leg that needed attention.  They took me in to see Dr. Mitchell, who fixed me right up.  Then, they brought me home, and I’ve lived in the “lap” of luxury since!

Acutally,”She” pretty much fell in love with me at first sight, mainly because I reminded her so much of Garfield.  Garfield is a legend in this house. I didn’t get to know him, but, Jazz, Lilah, Barny, Boomer and Blossom all knew him. He had an 18 year reign as Top Cat in this household, and they were both so sad to lose him.  They tell me all the time that I’m very much like him.  For instance, I can’t get enough of being held.  When they pick me up, I twist around so that I’m laying like a baby.  Then I look soulfully up into the eyes of the person holding me with an “I love you” look.  They love it when I do that.

So, that’s what I do here.  I’m the resident cuddly lap cat that tries to live up to Garfield’s reputation, while I soak up all the love and attention I can get.

 When are you going to sit down and hold me??

My Idol, Garfield


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