I am Not a Dog


Alright. I’m Barny. I’m only doing this because Jazz says I have to. I won’t have much to say. I’m a cat. I’m aloof. I’m not like these other felines who act more like dogs. <Hmph> Who needs attention from people? Not me. I’m a loner.

I will set the record straight by letting you know that even though my name is Barny, I’m a girl. I was once the proud mother of 6 little barn kittens. “She” thought the name Barny would be clever, because I was a barn cat, and it just stuck. I do have a feminine middle name. Marie. Barny Marie. But, I won’t come, so don’t bother calling. Remember, I’m not a dog.

Even though I was reluctant to move in here, it’s pretty nice. But, I could certainly do without all the other cats. Boomer’s okay, he is one of my kittens – I’ll let him tell you his story – but, it would be much better if I were the only cat here. My attitude is, “I’ll ignore you, if you ignore me”. As long as that agreement is adhered to, things go just fine.  Otherwise, I can usually be found under a piece of furniture.

Well, I’ve said enough. I’m outta here! <POOF!>

Now you see me, now you don’t,


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