Totally, Like, Proud!


Hey Peeps –

Blossom here, and I’m really the Information Minister (or, what you might call “the gossip”) for the group. So…I’m gonna, like, give you some gossip information!

Lucky for me, I don’t have to pass many tests.  Other than finding the new food bowl, making sure I swat my sister Alley several times a day, and being sure not to, like, get stepped on, or whatever, all I gotta do is sit around and look pretty (which comes naturally for me) .

Anyway, the news is this – we are all so proud of our friend, T.J.  You see, she has been studying and studying to pass a test that has 5 parts. She passed one last year, but still had, like, 4 parts to go. It really seemed like a lot to do. But, T.J. has, like, really been working hard, and this past weekend, she took two more parts – and guess what? She totally passed! We are so proud of her! Now, only 2 more to go. Hear that? 2 out of 5 are totally done! She’s more than half way there!!

 Congratulations girl, we knew you could do it!!!  Plus, we want to thank the people at HLC who have been so helpful, C. & S. – they are, like, awesome!

So, like I said, I don’t have to pass many tests, but I still try to keep my skills sharp. Like today, when He was giving out treats, I was able to, like, scoop treats away from Alley, Lilah and Nova, before they even knew what was happening. So, I totally won, but I don’t think they knew we were in a contest.

Hey, I totally gotta go now – looks like there might be a bug in the hallway and everyone is gathered around. I’ll be sure to find out what’s going on and let you know!

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful,



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