“She” is doing a Good Deed

Lilah  They call me Lilah.  My long name is Delilah Josephina Jones. I also come to Lilah Jo Jo, L-Double-J, Jocelina, and ~ because I’m a chunky girl ~ Joce-not so-leana.  Who says cats don’t come when they are called? I always do. Especially if the treats are rattling! I’m an all-around social girl.  If there is a lap that needs to be covered in orange hair, I’m the kitty for the job!  If there are treats to be had, I’ll take ’em. If there is knitting to be done, I will personally inspect every inch of yarn to be used. 

Speaking of knitting, She is making squares. I know it sounds wierd that she is just making squares, but it is for a good cause.  Mosaic yarn shop in Blacksburg VA is collecting 8″ squares, knitted or crocheted, and will be assembling blankets for the families of victims of the Virginia Tech shooting.  For details, you can click the link for Mosaic Yarn to the right.

 What was that? I think I hear the needles clinking – I’ve got to go inspect that yarn!!

Take care, people!



One thought on ““She” is doing a Good Deed

  1. Too cute. I hope I can remember to look at it everyday. You are so creative. Love, Miranda
    PS…Good way for me to keep up with what “he” and “she” are doing too!


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