More Like House of 81 Lives, Really

Our first entry on the www! The nine of us took a vote and decided paws down that Jazz would write our first entry.

Jazz says:  First off all, you should know I am Top Cat.  Not only do I have seniority, but I command a certain respect from all the other members of the household, including “He” and “She”.  You see I showed up one afternoon as a very tiny cat by shooting into the open door of the house.  Since He was the one who opened the door, and She came to greet him, She assumed that He had brought me home to her. Wily of me, wasn’t it?  Anyway, He agreed that She could keep me long enough to find a home for me. 

That was about seven years ago.  Sometimes when I am being particularly adorable, He will look at She and say “have you found that cat a home yet?”, which is usually followed by laughter and more intense cuddling of me!


Now, I ask you, does it look like I’m going anywhere? I think not!!



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